New Orleans Bridal Session - City Park, New Orleans

This past December we had the honor of getting to photograph a New Orleans wedding in the French Quarter! Talk about an incredible experience! This was our first time in New Orleans, so of course we were super excited to explore NOLA and all of its nightlife, history, and culture. We decided to spend a week in the Big Easy, and I had no doubt that I would end up wanting to do more photo sessions...because that's what usually happens on vacation. I always find myself wishing I had a couple or a bride to photograph everywhere I go. Ha! :)

So I arranged with the beautiful Shelby Griggs to do a bridal shoot in City Park in NOLA. Obviously I had never been there before, but, with a little (or a lot) of googling, I decided on the park, and I found the exact spot in the park I wanted to use. I knew the wedding we were shooting was going to be in French Quarter and the architectural aspects of the city, so I wanted this bridal shoot with Shelby to embrace the Southern nature...and maybe even the slightly "creepy" Disney Haunted Mansion feel of the city. lol. And jackpot. A cloudy winter day did the trick! Shelby was a trooper and braved the 30 degree weather in the spaghetti trap flawlessly, and I couldn't be happier with the result. Super excited to share with you my take on a New Orleans bride. Also, anyone else planning a NOLA wedding?! We would LOVE to be a part of it! ;)

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