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I am a wedding photographer based in Orange County, and travel worldwide to be a part of the magic that is... a wedding day! My two biggest passions are photography and travel. Combine that with the amazing love, beauty, and emotion that comes with a wedding day, and I'm totally in my zone! I aim to capture your day through a combination of guiding and setting up beautiful shots, while allowing your own personalities and emotions to shine through, and capturing the candid moments in between. For the big moments, I take a documentary-style approach, capturing the raw events as they unfold, allowing you to truly be present and feel it all.  

My goal is to capture the moments, big and small, in aesthetic beautiful photos that show the beauty, romance, and emotion of the day while letting you and your love's unique relationship guide the vibe of the photos. While working with my couples, I assist in posing and framing of the shot, but always encourage laughter, kisses, and interactions to keep you moving and feeling totally natural.

I enjoy off-beat and bohemian weddings, as well as the more classy, urban, or traditional weddings. I am just as comfortable shooting in the middle of downtown, as I am shooting in the middle of the forest. I love to find the beauty in all venues.


Personally, I love the contrast of light and dark, and I try to bring that to my images. I love the lights to be bright, and the shadows to have depth.


I have been doing photography professionally since 2010, and have been shooting weddings under my own name since 2013. In that time, I have had the honor of photography hundreds of weddings of all shapes, sizes, themes, locations, and I can honestly say, it has been the most rewarding career!


Cant wait to hear from you and all your dreams for your wedding day! <3 

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