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Two great options for renting a small space for your elopement is Airbnb & Peerspace. Renting a space comes with several benefits including privacy, the ability to include decor, and give you much more flexibility with making your elopement your own special wedding. Below are suggested locations I have found in my searches. I have also included tips when considering either of these sources and doing your own browsing. 



The benefits to using an Airbnb include privacy, a space to get ready, have a small dinner party, and a stay for your wedding night all included in one location.


-Make sure the Airbnb owner's are okay with having additional guests on the property. 

-If you are having several guests, consider the amount of available parking for that location.

Suggested Airbnb locations in PDF file below:



Not everyone has heard of Peerspace, but its awesome! It is set up similar to Airbnb; however, instead of renting the locations by the day, you rent them by the hour. These space rentals are also much more unique because they are not limited to spaces houses, etc. Peerspace locations includes lofts, bars, studios, campsites, and a lot of other unique locations.


-Pay close attention to the minimum hours required per rental. The rental prices are listed by the hour; however, the minimum number of hours required for each locations varies. The hours required is shown just below the hourly rental prices.

Suggested Peerspace locations in PDF file below:

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